The Series

The RAM Series

The RAM Series is a 6-week Church Wide Healthy Relationship Campaign that has something for everyone. This series is designed to strengthen healthy and Biblical relationship goals with a track for singles about dating, and a second track for couples about marriage, and a healthy relationship goals track for 1st graders through high schoolers. This series is unique because it provides a common understanding and language for all relationships with the innovative Relationship Attachment Model, or RAM, which is the framework for the content of what the singles and the marrieds learn about being intentional in running their relationships.

For a printable overview of the series click here.

Dr. Van Epp's Sermon to Kickoff the RAM Series

Watch an example of a church’s promo video and Dr. John Van Epp as he rallies the members of Westwood Community Church, MN to prepare for their 6-week churchwide RAM series in his Sunday message. Inviting Dr. Van Epp to speak to your people a couple Sundays prior to the kickoff of the RAM series is a powerful way to increase involvement and build a contagious excitement about growing in relationships.


A Church Wide Series Approach

This approach involves running both series simultaneously with a 6-week healthy relationship theme for the entire church. The Sunday services build on the theme of relationship goals by having a message on each of the major bonds described in the RAM and how that area of a relationship should be developed in dating and maintained in marriage (example sermons included in the how-to manual).

A Discussion Group Study Approach

This approach incorporates one or both studies in your church programs, but does not involve the entire RAM series and sermons throughout the church. The study could be facilitated in existing structures (like home groups, Sunday school classes, or youth groups), or in a setting where all would watch the video and then break out into smaller discussion groups.

There is no better place to teach and preach about healthy relationships than in the church.

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