We’re doing ongoing data collection on people’s experience in the RAM Series. So far, for both marrieds and singles, there was a statistically significant positive change in all of the thirteen growth areas that were measured. Things like: I feel confident I know how to choose the right person for me, I know how to spot warning signs in dating partners, I have the skills to effectively communicate with my spouse and I feel close to my spouse.

Some of the details are below as well as comments from the series participants about their experience.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Gene Appel

Senior Pastor, Eastside Christian Church

Young Adult Ministry Leader

Northview Church

This was an amazing series that opened up very meaningful conversations with the group. We all want to continue meeting and growing as friends and as followers of Christ.

-Single Track Participant

I loved how this series tied the sermons and life groups together. This was so well executed with the discussion guides too! I hope the church can do something similar each year!

-Married Track Participant

This series came at a perfect time in my life and has helped me to pick dating partners who are of real quality!

-Single Track Participant

I thought this series was excellent. It offered lots of great suggestions and advice. We were in a new life group and even though the material was deep, it was good to talk through this with other couples.

-Married Track Participant
A real sense of community

The RAM Series has been shown to:

  • Increase the connection participants feel towards their church
  • Facilitate deeper relationships among participants of the series
  • Bring participants further along in their spiritual walk
  • Help participants feel like their church really understands their unique relationship needs and struggles

Amazing series! This was a great spiritual growth campaign and I would have loved to do it even longer! Thank you!

-Married Track Participant
Real relationship change

Participants of the RAM Series said…

  • I will have healthier relationships as a result of this series
  • I will set firmer boundaries in my relationships (singles track)
  • I feel more prepared for seeking out a healthy and committed relationship (singles track)
  • I will be a better partner as a result of this series (married track)
  • We have a plan for keeping our relationship growing (married track)

Absolutely loved this series, didn’t want it to end. The connection we made in our group was amazing and I learned things about myself that I didn’t realize was holding me back from a healthy relationship.

-Single Track Participant