When it comes to preparing and ordering materials for an entire churchwide series, things can become messy and confusing! So, we have tried to make this process the easiest and clearest for you and your people. 

Your ordering process happens in two steps because there are two (2) orders at two different time periods times that a church will typically place for RAM series materials. 

STEP ONE: The first order includes the $1499 RAM series kit and additional Discussion Guides and books needed for ministry leaders to review and prepare for the series. This order should be made at least 8 weeks prior to the start date of the series so leaders have a relaxed opportunity to prepare. Here is a pdf form that can be used place that order. 

STEP TWO: The second order includes the adult small group Discussion Guides and books (these are usually resold to singles and couples from the resource center[s]). In addition, the number of elementary kids, MS youth and HS youth are included in this order, and any additional classroom resources. This order needs to be made at least 4-weeks prior to the start date to allow for shipping and distribution to your congregation. Here is a pdf order form to assist you with that order.

DOWNLOAD: Please download this form and then save with changes. Then attach that saved PDF with all your information in an email to: and an invoice will be emailed back to you for review prior to any payment.

REMEMBER: It is strongly suggested to order extra materials in Step One to provide to all your ministry leaders. And any unused extras can be then included in your numbers for your second order.

ALSO: It is equally important to have sufficient materials for your small group studies so we do have a return policy for the Discussion Guides and books—expect record numbers for attendance and have your resource centers prepared to accommodate those numbers.

Small Group studies

If you are ONLY conducting a small group study, then choose your resources from the items below.

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