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Welcome to the Ready and Resilient (R&R) for the Fight Spiritual Fitness Training! Ideally, we would be meeting in-person in a room with physical workbooks that you would use throughout this course. And you would be seated at tables with several others that would engage with you in  small group discussions and activities. I would be upfront with my flip chart, power point screen, and RAM chart. And we would make sure we had no distractions during the entire training day!

But instead… we will meet virtually in a zoom meeting, use an online workbook, and have you work in small groups in zoom rooms! But here are three ways to make this virtual training work best.

  • First, plan your day to have no distractions. There will be two sessions (around 1.5 hours each session), then an hour break, and afterwards, two more sessions. During the sessions, you will be required to leave on your video and will engage in both the chat and by going off mute to speak.
  • Second, PRIOR to our training day, please print the pdf on this site that is titled R&R WORKBOOK PRINTABLES. These are pages from the workbook just for taking notes. Essentially, they are workbook pages without pictures, colored boxes, colored headings, and other info boxes (I didn’t want you to use up all your colored printer ink!!).
  • Third, there is a VIEW ONLY R&R WORKBOOK. You will have to open two (2) windows during our training. One will have the zoom meeting and the other will be open to this site so you can view this workbook. Some of you techies may have two computer screens and have each window open on each screen. But it is absolutely necessary that you be able to see both this view-only workbook AND the zoom meeting during our training.

OK that is it! I am excited to spend the day with you learning and working on skills that can strengthen a spiritual fitness that enriches our lives and increases our readiness!

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