RAM Series: One Study Pricing

This pricing is for only one study of the RAM series. So if you’d like to just teach the singles track or just teach the couples track without doing the church-wide series, then you’re in the right place. Each track comes with the following items.

  • Includes 10 discussion guides
  • 10 small RAM charts (5″x 7″)
  • DVD of either the married or single series
Discussion Guides

When launching a RAM Series, the discussion guides are a must. These guides contain all of the discussion questions, personal growth sections and scriptural application. While there are many ways to go about providing additional discussion guides, we recommend that churches urge their congregation to purchase them with their own funds and bring them to the series.

After your church has initiated the steps toward launching your designated track, if needed, we will set up an event page for your church where your congregation can find the information they need to purchase their discussion guides. We will make this process as streamlined and simple as possible for you!

One-Study $199

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