Reach Your Community

The RAM Series offers a perfect opportunity to pull in members of your community, because healthy relationships are a goal of just about everyone. Churches in the past have successfully reached members of their community by strategically advertising in restaurants, on billboards, and on the radio.

Options for outreach are really endless but here are a couple of ideas:

  • Use the community version of The RAM Series and offer a track for community members or use the Christian version for both
  • Have both singles and marrieds come to the same facility and then break out in different locations for watching the video and having a discussion
  • Offer the series in the community on a regular basis
  • Invite community members into your church or small groups just for this series
  • Offer free counseling or other relationship programs through the church
  • Do giveaways like books, resources or DateNight boxes

There is no better place to teach and preach about healthy relationships than in the church.

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