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Introduction to the RAM Series Copy

Thank you for checking out these samples of the RAM Series church-wide experience.

The RAM Series is a unique and one-of-a-kind TOTAL church relationship growth experience because the 6-week sermon series is complemented by everything being learned in the kids ministry, the youth ministry, and the small group ministry with both single and married adults.

The way it works is that the elementary kids, youth, adult singles and married couples are all learning in their respective classes and life groups from video-based lessons how to navigate their relationships with the Biblical and evidence-based RAM tool (Relationship Attachment Model) while each week, the sermon applies this same model to our relationships with God and others.

This makes the sermon series MUCH MORE than just a marriage series, addressing our relationship to God and our relationships in friendships, dating, marriage, and families in every message… which makes each message all-inclusive, equally involving everyone and their most meaningful relationships. And with this RAM, everyone learns a common language to talk about their most significant relationships, which ignites transforming conversations among the entire congregation, and especially between parents and their kids in their homes!

These samples will give you a helpful visual of the resources involved in this RAM series. And the best part, the licensing agreement that accesses the five ministry-team leadership platforms, the two small group video studies, the six sermon manuscripts, and includes a 7′ RAM chart and sample books and discussion guides is only $499. Although there are additional costs for small group materials for adults, youth and kids based on the size of your church… this low-cost licensing agreement makes this series easily obtainable for both small to large churches!

This platform has samples of all major components. 

1. RAM Series How-To Manual: Taking it to the church. Included in this sample:

  • Table of contents
  • Sermon Manuscript

2. Outline of six lessons of Couples Life Group study

3. Outline of six lessons of Singles Life Group study (used with youth groups and adult singles)

4. RAM Series Couples life group video: Session One (entirety)

7. RAM Series Couples life group Discussion Guide: Session One (entirety)

8. RAM Series Singles life group video: Session Two (entirety)–also used with HS ministry

9. RAM Series Singles life group Discussion Guide: Session Two (entirety)–also used with HS ministry

10. Middle School video and lesson plan

11. Elementary School video and lesson plan and overview of six weeks

Once you purchase the church wide series licensing and accompanying materials,  you will receive access to 7 platforms:

1) The Pastoral Team and Communications Platform: contains the How To Manual, Sermon manuscripts, and sample announcements

2) The Small Group Ministry Platform

3) Elementary Team Platform

4) Middle School Team Platform

5) High School Team Platform

6) Singles Small group study videos Platform

7) Couples Small group study videos Platform

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