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RAM Series Background

John Van Epp, Ph.D. and Morgan Cutlip, Ph.D. (father-daughter team) are featured together in each 20-minute video sessions that provide the content along with the dynamic workbooks for over an hour discussion. The 6-week married series and the 6-week singles series are viewed simultaneously by discussion groups of marrieds and singles, respectively. Both series explain how the RAM provides a relationship GPS for understanding what is happening within a relationship, for evaluating its health, for determining its weaknesses or vulnerabilities, and for knowing how to strengthen, set boundaries, and intentionally run that relationship.

Although both series apply the same model (RAM) to relationships, the singles 6-week series focuses on building healthy and godly dating relationships, while the married series focuses on maintaining close, fulfilling and godly marriage relationships.

The RAM is a theoretical model developed in 1987 by John Van Epp. This practical and interactive picture of the major bonds that comprise all relationships has been scientifically validated in published psychological research and provides a Biblically-sound framework for understanding your relationships with others and God. The RAM has been used in dating and marriage train-the-trainer programs developed by Van Epp and taught to over a million participants internationally.

The 6-week singles series is based on the How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk (or Jerkette) program and bestselling book (by the same title). The 6-week marrieds series is based on the Couple LINKS program (Lasting Intimacy through Nurturing, Knowledge & Skills) and the book Becoming Better Together: The RAM Plan for growing together when life is pulling you apart. Both evidence-based and research-informed programs have faith-based and community versions, and have been taught by churches, non-profits, marriage and family coalitions, social agencies, domestic violence centers, prison re-entry programs, educational settings, and throughout all branches of the military. These programs and the RAM have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Psychology Today, Focus on the Family, Fox News, Good Morning America, and in numerous articles and books including a chapter on these programs in Evidence-based Approaches to Relationship and Marriage Education (2016).

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